GUIDANCE ON COMPLETING COMPETITION SCORECARDS In order to lessen the risk of infection to members entering scores after competitions, and those responsible for checking cards and finalising results, the council has decided to introduce the following method of recording and returning scores. • Swipe access to competitions is now essential, please ensure you use your membership card at the Pro Shop to facilitate competition entry. A scorecard shall be issued…
All categories of membership are available at our renowned scenic course and welcoming club for the rest of this year, and beyond. Payment options are available Mens year 1 £495 (plus GUI levy/golf insurance and social card) Ladies year 1 offer Seniors membership Under 30s membership £325 (£255 ladies) plus social card Juvenile membership is £25 for new juniors - free if join with a new adult Student memberships from…
We would like to welcome all Visitors and Societies. Green fees and Society fees are on the Visitors section of the website. Guests can also play alongside a member for a reduced rate. Green fees for playing with a member are £15 on weekdays and £20 on weekends. All visitors, societies and guests must be booked in on BRS or via the pro shop on 02828583324. All golfers must also…

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